Unix Monitoring

General UNIX Monitoring Tools

The following general purpose UNIX monitoring tools can be used with Oracle Unified Directory.

Tool Description
iostat Provides information about disk I/O and CPU usage.
lsof Provides information about open file descriptors.
lslk Provides information about file system locks.
netstat Provides statistics about network functions.
nslookup Allows you to query DNS servers for information about hosts and domains.
ping Allows you to query the status of a remote host or network gateway.
sar UNIX System V performance monitoring tool.
tcpdump Allows you to debug and monitor network traffic.
top Provides quick, easy monitoring of processes and CPU activities.
trace Provides information about which system calls a process makes.
traceroute Provides the path a packet takes throughout the Internet to reach its final destination.
vmstat Provides statistics about process, virtual memory, disk, trap, and CPU activity.

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